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Toa matau

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Matau as a hordika


Matoran Edit

Matau was a transportation tester.

Toa metru Edit

Matau was the Toa metru of air

Hordika Edit

When he was a hordika, Matau's mean words were what pushed Vakama away and caused him to join the visorak. Matau later was the one to turn Vakama once again. he was also the one who drove the Lhikan I airship.

Turaga Edit

Matau is currently a turaga.

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Matau in Mask of light

Tools Edit

As a toa he had twin aero slicers

Then, when he was mutated into a hordika he lost his mask power and got 2 fang blades

When he became a turaga he used a Kau Kau staff

Mask Edit


Set info Edit

1418 image1

[Turaga matau as a set

Toa matau was released in 2004 and had 47 pieces.

The hordika form was released in 2005 and had 48 pieces

The turaga form was released in 2001 and had 24 pieces.

Quotes Edit

"That's what's missing from Metru Nui these days ... Not enough crash-bang."

Matau,Web of the Visorak

8605 image1

Toa matau

Team Edit

Vakama Onewa Whenua Nuju Nokama

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