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Toa nokama

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Hordika nokama



As a matoran Nokama was a teacher.

Toa metru Edit

Nokama was the Toa metru of water.


As a hordika Nokama was usually the only thing keepnig the team together.


Nokama is currently a turaga

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Nokama in The mask of light

Tools Edit

As a toa nokama has hydro blades

Then she loses her mask power and gains 2 fin barbs

Now as a turaga she has a trident

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Toa nokama

Mask Edit


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Turaga nokama

Set infoEdit

In 2004 Nokama was released as a toa and had 47 pieces

In 2005 Nokama was released as a hordika and had 48 pieces

In 2001 Nokama was released as a turaga and had 28 pieces

Quotes Edit

"You are so wise, Gali, yet know so little. You are swimming in my wake, Toa. There is nowhere you can go that I have not traveled before."

Nokama,Tales of the Masks

Team Edit

Whenua Vakama Nuju Matau Onewa