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Toa nuju

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Nuju as a hordika



Nuju worked as a scholar in metru-nui.

Toa metru Edit

Nuju was the Toa metru of ice.


As a hordika, Nuju learned the language of flying rahi which later would be his main language, which was translated for him by Matoro.


Nuju is currently a turaga.

Tools Edit

Nuju had Crystal spikes as a toa

Then he lost his mask power and gained 2 Hordika teeth

Now as a turaga he has an Ice pick

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Turaga nuju in Mask of light

Mask Edit


Set infoEdit

In 2004 Nuju was released as a toa and had 49 pieces

In 2005 Nuju was released as a hordika and had 48 pieces

In 2001 Nuju was released as a turaga and had 30 pieces

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Toa nuju

Quotes Edit

"No wonder we had to be chosen to be Toa. Nobody would ever volunteer for this job."

Nuju,Mystery of Metru Nui

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Turaga nuju

Team Edit

Vakama Nokama Matau Whenua Onewa