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Mata Edit

Onua is the strongest of the Toa mata.

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Mask Edit

Pakari, mask of strength

Quotes Edit

"You are a Toa -- Prove yourself worthy of the name!"

Onua, Into the Nest

"Now, Pohatu, my brother... Didn't Turaga Onewa ever tell you? You always have to watch where you're running- Especially when Onua Nuva is near!"

Onua, Divided We Fall

Set InformationEdit

Onua was released as a Toa mata in 2001, containing 30 pieces. He could be combined with Pohatu and Tahu to create Akamai, or with Pohatu to create a black Fikou spider.

He was released again in 2002 as a Toa Nuva whit 41 pieces. He could be combined with the Tahu and Pohatu Nuva sets to make Akamai nuva

Team Edit

Tahu Kopaka Lewa Gali Pohatu