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Tahu in adaptive armor

389px-Set Star Toa Mata Tahu

Tahu as a star


Early life and trainingEdit

He and his team were created on Artakha and first awakened on Daxia. There, they were introduced to each other and told of their destiny by an unseen Helryx to be the guardians of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. She then sent them to be trained in combat by Hydraxon.

Mata Edit

When tahu first arrived, he was captured by ta-matoran, only to burn down the trap, when he met Vakama.


As a nuva, Tahu received the mask of time. He also fought Bohrok-kal and Rahkshi while on mata nui.

Karda nuiEdit

In Karda nui Tahu led the swamp group and was attacked by Krika

Bara mangaEdit

On bara manga Tahu collected the golden armor.

Tools Edit

As a mata Tahu carried a Firesword After becoming a nuva tahu then carried Twin magma swords In the swamps of Karda nui, Tahu carried a Rotating fire blade On Bara manga Tahu also carries a Firesword

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Tahu nuva

Mask Edit

90px-Kanohi Hau - Small

Tahu's hau as a Toa Mata

Quotes Edit

"What do you have in mind, and does it include explosions?"

Tahu, Reign of shadows

"Then let the makuta tremble this day-- We stand together, until Mata nui is free!"

Tahu, The coming of the toa.

Set info Edit

In 2001 Tahu was sold as a mata and had 33 pieces. He could also be combined with Pohatu and Onua to form Akamai. In this form he was the first set created.

In 2002 Tahu was sold as a nuva and had 36 pieces. He could also be combined with the Pohatu and Onua Nuva sets to make Akamai Nuva.

In 2008 Tahu was sold as a mistika and had 73 pieces. He could also be combined with the Gali and Onua mistika sets to create Trinuma.

In 2010 Tahu was sold as a star and had 19 pieces. He could also be combined with the other 5 stars to create the "who-am-I?" character (Gaardus), or to make the "Golden Bionicle" (Tahu in his golden armor)

Team Edit

Pohatu Gali Onua Kopaka Lewa