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Toa Vakama

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Vakama as a hordika



Vakama worked as a mask maker in Metru-nui.

Toa metru Edit

Toa vakama was the Toa metru of fire.

Hordika formEdit

As a hordika vakama eventually would join the visorak, then later, he joins the hordika again.

Turaga Edit

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Turaga vakama in Mask of Light

Vakama is currently a turaga.

Tools Edit

As a toa vakama used an upgraded kanoka launcher

Then when he was mutated into a hordika he lost his mask power and gained 2 blazer claws

When he became a turaga he used a fire staff. It was considered a "badge of office".

Mask Edit


Vakama's noble Huna

Quotes Edit

"Toa aren't killers. If we were, we would have started with you."

Vakama,Time Trap

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Toa vakama

Set infoEdit

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Turaga vakama

In 2004 Vakama was released as a toa and had 49 pieces

In 2005 Vakama was released as a hordika and had 48 pieces

In 2001 Vakama was released as a turaga and had 27 pieces

Team Edit

Onewa Nokama Nuju Whenua Matau